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~Electro House 2012~ ~Electro House 2012~

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Mixing is nearly flawless man, in my opinion the snare could could come out more. Not sure about the little break in the middle, sounds like two separate songs. But you're sound scaping is nice! And you're leads, just need to find a better way to link your sections,

Keep it up!


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keosni391 responds:

Yeah, a big mistake from me. The second part took me quite some time, so i didn't wan't to remove it. Just have too keep practicing :D

WARP 1 - wip WARP 1 - wip

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


This song has a lot of nice experimental sounds, but they are a little to odd together. You need to work on your mixing. A lot, cause I think there is a kick in there trying to be heard? I'm not sure. I recommend next time you make your beat first, and have make sure the kick is peaking in the mixer.

I like the liquid flow to the track, but some transitions are a little to sudden for the liquid theme.

I'm really enjoying the drum and bass section! That has a lot of potential, apart from the kick again can't be heard.

Improve that first 3 minutes ish or cut it, really drags this song down, also the ending may need a little more work :P


And in case you wondering, my monitor speakers are not inferior ;D

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-[PK]- Invader One -[PK]- Invader One

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It has scope but not really well executed.

No one really notices the mixing on this song really needs so much work. Your mainly leads are so loud compared to your drums, you couldn't dance to this as you can't hear the rhythm.

Also you need to work on your sound scaping. All your leads sound like a load of pre-sets shoved to together. A lot of them don't even complement your track, that weird one that comes in at 2.34. You have a lot of basics done, but may want to explore some of these points in far more depth if you want to become a better produce!

Sorry for bitch :D You have a lot of potential, just work on your mixing!


First Song I Made in FL First Song I Made in FL

Rated 3 / 5 stars

This song entrains we me so much :'D

you need to work on your mixing :P If you're not sure what that means, its making sure all the sounds are at the right levels. So there is no frequency overlapping.

Try adding some cymbals in there, and a snare! The melodies are good though man. Keep at it and you'll go far. No one is born amazing at producing, its just the people who keep practising :)


Dj-ReVeRsE responds:

Yeah I made this with Fl9 Demo like 2 years ago lol I have better stuff on my account now. Infact I've made a new account .. sadly I don't have this .flp anymore.. I liked the melody lol :( I would love to remake it xD..

Hardstyle WIP 2 Hardstyle WIP 2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Sounds a bit like jumpstyle :P

You're kick sounds really hollow like a jumpstyle kick, a hardstyle kick should be more distorted and have more sub bass :) Also there is no clear structure in your song!

I'm not sure if you listen to hardstyle, but I do. :) Basically, you typical hardstyle has an intro (just kick and a bassy lead) then a break down and a build up to the melody and kick and finally the intro again but modified for the outro. You also need to work on your trasitions! They're a lil jumpy :) I use to try and make hardstyle but the kicks are so good damn hard. I would recommend you get HYRDA VSTi! There are lot's of tutorials on it.

I also recommend you listen to a lot of different sub genres of hardstyle and different hardstyle artists to get some good influence for your own hardstyle.

Nice try,


TechnicolourNuance responds:

Thank you. :D
I know. I don't like the kick. -.- Do you have any help for the main melody? Did I at least get the lead sound down?

I listen to lots of hardstyle. Probably favourite genre other than metalcore haha. :3

I'mma pm you. Think you can help me with hardstyle as a whole?:o

Troopas March -WIP- hardstyle Troopas March -WIP- hardstyle

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice song :D

Ill review as I go
The first 20 seconds, seems very irrelevant to me, nicely done, but irrelevant. :D

I'm liking the melody (simple), good for an intro :D The intro first lead my need less delay.

Ok the kick needs a lot of work, more overdrive and more layers of eq and distort will do it some good. At the moment there's to much sub bass, not enough punch or kick.

At 1 minute, I'm not really sure of that new lead that's introduced, it detracts from the song.

1:26 you may need to take off the heavy reverb on those claps, the track is becoming a little bit too cloudy, with the kick having so much sub bass and all.

1:40 You need to work on transitions :D reverse effects, snare rolls. Anything to stop those transitions from sounding so sudden.

2:15 the kick should stop here, it should go into a build up/climax with an epic melody. This is hardstyle after all. But it ain't here. :(

2.40 This sounds kinda like what I was on about :D but there should be a break down and a build up from the intro sounds into the melody.

Well your main melody needs to be longer and less complicated, at the moment its a little confusing, and it would be hard to dance to this. (To many different rhythms).

4.05 The breath is a nice touch, it could do with quieter though

4.38 again no transition. It is all a little to sudden

All in all, I'd say there's to many melodies dotted around the place. The leads are not different enough from the intro, to the main section, to the outro, and there is no clear break downs, so it is unclear where the different sections :D

This is all constructive criticism, this is a good try since you've only started producing this year :D


TheShowGuy responds:

haha thank you so much for the review (: it stills needs alot of work ill highly take your advice since i did just start producing thank you! :D

holy shit i did it again holy shit i did it again

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

D: dist much?

There's no drums at all! and i can't listen to the song properly because of the horrible distort! turn your levels down man!

R3troGuy responds:

what the fuck man it sounded different in fl studio

also the percussion sucked

The Last Summer The Last Summer

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I love the melodies

I have to say, you may need a new kick, and the bass needs to be louder.
Although, you have mastered the leads, but it is definitely missing the bass. You can't really feel the urge to dance to it. Have a louder saw bass through out the song, and a nice hard kick. I would recommend one from Vengeance Essential House Pack!

Also, some of mixing need improving and at 3:00, the transition needs to be smoother, along with replacing the detune from the bass, it sounds off key from the piano!

Otherwise good job man! Keep 'em coming!

Also, quick side note, working on one song for such a long time may not be advisable. The more you do, the more you learn!


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halfdeadorfull responds:

Thank you :) This is an insanely helpful review, I really appreciate it ^_^ I'll work on stuff like that in the future :D

RD2011-It Had A Heart RD2011-It Had A Heart

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice track

You should try getting a double ended audio jack (male to male), which is really cheap. Then just play your song and get your recording program to record it! quality problem solved! :D


Croire responds:

I have one but because the GB i was using didn't have a prosound modit sounded even worse.

-:HaloTopic:- Destination -:HaloTopic:- Destination

Rated 5 / 5 stars

That is one sick track!

This is sounding almost pro! The leads and mixing is incredible.

2:06 I didn't like the auto pan effect. It sounded a bit to, errr over the top. That was only thing in track I didn't like :D

I like'd everything else, so I can't think of any in particular to compliment! Keep it up! I bet you two will go far!


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