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My set up :D

2011-04-29 18:25:51 by E-o-e

My banging set up if anyway wanted to see! Complete with my two monitors and union flag! :D

I'll put a picture up when I get it converted XD

My set up :D

First Post :D

2011-04-23 18:11:40 by E-o-e

Haha this is my first post on my new account :D soo yeah! listen too my songs and review or tell me what you think on my many social things XD
Skype: miles.ij

Lol I'm so original with my email names :D

Also! Follow me on soundcloud and I will always follow you back! Click here! ¬¬
And subcribe to my Youtube channel which I will be posting videos of my .flp files :D you can never go wrong with fl XD Click here ¬¬



PS. I you haven't already done so, please check out my old channel here.